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  • paulf9


    I am using the Zee-Noble Theme which uses a plug-in similar to the responsive slider. The slider only allows for two slider images to display. I have changed the php in the slider-settings.php so that on my dashboard or backend it shows that I can use up to four images in the slider. On the actual site only two images will show up in the slider. Do I need to add a new table somewhere in phpMysql for this to work or is this a problem with the JavaScript? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    The image data is stored in an array in the options table under the key ‘themezee_options’. You need to add the extra image data to this structure when the save settings button is pressed. But it may be worth rethinking the image data structure… hold that thought.

    The function displaying the slider is themezee_display_frontpage_slideshow() (on includes/template-tags.php) and is a pluggable function. If you create a child theme and define this function on the child functions.php, it should be used instead of the original.

    If you look at the source code, it’s not very efficiently implemented for more than 2 images. You’d be well served to re-design it to work with any number of indexed images instead of ‘one’ and ‘two’. Which means re-designing the way the image data is stored as well, by index instead of ‘one’ and ‘two’. If done properly, any number of images could be added.

    The javascript could also need modification, though it already appears to be setup for any number of slides. Checkout the referenced website in source to get more information on adding slides.

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