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  • Hi. I have problem with pictures in slider. I use custom slides. When switching the slides, picture is deforms. You can watch here: . And why if i use the slide size for example 700x250px and i upload picture 100x100px that the picture is outstretched to slide dimension 700x250px???

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  • Images uploaded for the slider should be exact size, so if your container is 700*250px, so should your image.

    You should probably insert the 100*100px image in a transparent container that is 700*250px and upload it as is.

    thx Jero with picture that is solution. But i still have problem with deform pictures…. Yesterday was all good now is problem. I think problem start after update mantra on version

    Did you modify the admin/defaults.php file after updating?

    "mantra_side" => "2cSr",
    "mantra_dimselect" => 'Absolute',
    "mantra_sidewidth" => 800,
    "mantra_sidebar" => 250,
    "mantra_sidewidthRel" => 60,
    "mantra_sidebarRel" => 20,
    "mantra_hheight" => "75",
    "mantra_hcenter" => "",

    No i didnt.

    Try changing “mantra_sidewidth” => 800 to 700 and see if that helps.

    You can find the file under Appearance > Editor > defaults.php.

    Nevermind, just had a look at your site. Keep in mind that the 700px is for the container area, which includes the grey border around your image. That border by default is 10px.

    Instal firebug for Firefox and inspect the element to test optimal picture resolution.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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