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    In case my emails have been going into your spam. I’m still having an issue with using YourChannel in my post slider. When I paginate to the next items I get lots of errors in the inspector (currently 54 errors) which say:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'attr' of undefined
        at (yrc.js?1.5.8-pro:2319)
        at Object.<anonymous> (yrc.js?1.5.8-pro:515)
        at Object.dispatch (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Object.v.handle (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Object.trigger (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.trigger (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at <anonymous>:28:31
        at <anonymous>:29:6
        at b (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Pe (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.after (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Object.slideh (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2447)
        at WPViews.ViewPagination.self.pagination_slide (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2150)
        at HTMLImageElement.<anonymous> (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2097)
        at HTMLImageElement.i (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at HTMLImageElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at HTMLImageElement.v.handle (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Object.trigger (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at HTMLImageElement.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.trigger (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at HTMLImageElement.<anonymous> (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2100)
        at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at WPViews.ViewPagination.self.prepare_slide (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2099)
        at WPViews.ViewPagination.self.trigger_pagination (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2017)
        at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (wpv-pagination-embedded.js?ver=3.4.2:2208)
        at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
        at HTMLDocument.v.handle (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)


    Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
        at Object.$k [as KH] (,gapi_iframes_style_common/rt=j/sv=1/d=1/ed=1/am=AQ/rs=AGLTcCOUmnuCcTtedasW7L1tq37fs4eoIg/cb=gapi.loaded_0:235:282)
        at el.send (,gapi_iframes_style_common/rt=j/sv=1/d=1/ed=1/am=AQ/rs=AGLTcCOUmnuCcTtedasW7L1tq37fs4eoIg/cb=gapi.loaded_0:233:260)
        at Fl (,gapi_iframes_style_common/rt=j/sv=1/d=1/ed=1/am=AQ/rs=AGLTcCOUmnuCcTtedasW7L1tq37fs4eoIg/cb=gapi.loaded_0:237:412)

    I read a few of your other support tickets here where the version of js might be out of date. I’ve tested the latest version 3.6.0 and unfortunately I’m still having the error messages pop up.

    Any ideas what might be going on?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I asked the support at Toolset (authors of Views who I am using for this slider) to have a look at the pagination. They have looked at the error messages and the YourChannel plugin code, tested the pagination and also identified a possible fix in your code.

    Here is what they’ve said, see what you think: 
    I can see the error. It seems to me that the YourChannel plugin’s Javascript expects to have a special class on the element(video) that needs to be run. I am not, sure. I just think so from a quick look at the plugin’s code. Check this screenshot

    We can check if the pagination fires the initialization, by adding a console.log line to it.
    Check this screenshot

    The message is logged after the error. Which means something else is interfering.

    I think that we’ll need the YouChannel authors to help us understand what is missing, so we can fix it.
    From my inspecting of their plugin code. I believe the video or a wrapping tag needs to have the class “yrc-shell-cover”. From these lines, especially line 519


    Do you think this is the fix that’s needed?

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