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  1. saoulis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there I have a theme where there is a content block in the left of the template page.
    However I need to create a new template page with out the content block and only a slider (which I have as plugin). In this case I could be free to place the slider in the middle of the page. How do I put the plugin out of the content block?
    Please advise

  2. Without a link or an explanation of where you got your theme then there's really no way for us to help you...

    If it's a theme from http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ can you tell us which one?

    If it's from somewhere else then you may need to seek help at where you have gotten that theme from.

  3. saoulis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi thank you for your reply.
    I purchased this theme from themeforest. However it takes time to get an answer today and I want to work. I believe the issue is simple but I have not a lot of knowledge about it. Therefore I am looking for help. With the theme there was a bonus: a Layerslider.
    I need to get this out of the content block. what I am trying to set up is actually a simple site. please look at http://www.easterngate.net/

  4. I purchased this theme from themeforest.

    Not much we can do then, we don't have access (don't want access either) to that theme and we don't support commercial theme's here.


    Also it's not a trivial looking theme so it's not really something that can be solved simply. The theme vendor really is the best way to get support.

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