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    Hello, I recently started using this plugin and for some reason this does not show up on my theme that I made.

    I am unsure as to what the issue is since my layout is rather simple. It was just built with DIV layers nested in more DIVs.

    I have tested both the php (on the homepage) and the short code (on the contact us page just to test) and it does not show up on either.

    Could it possibly be a div layer covering it? When viewing the page source, I clearly see the code inside the “slider” div layer.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Here is the website:

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  • Resolved.

    It was definitely being covered by another div layer.

    To anyone else with a similar issue, put the php code into its own div layer and set the z-index to a higher number than the other layers.

    I am having a similar issue. However, I do not have a div covering up the slider. I have followed all instructions and it simply won’t show. I have tried using the php include within my “home.php” template, and also tried using the shortcode in my posts and pages.

    I don’t know what to do. Seems simple enough and I’m familiar with coding. Just can’t get it to work.

    Please help. The site in question is

    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    Hi w3webpro,

    I can’t see the shortcode or any Meta Slider output in your home page. If you’re trying to get it into the header then you need to try and find a file called header.php. All theme’s are different so it may not be called header.php, so you might need to do some investigation. To find the right place, just try sticking ‘META SLIDER GOES HERE’ into the files until the text appears.

    Once you’ve found the right file/place, paste in the ‘template include’ code from the ‘Usage’ section in Meta Slider.


    im also having problem with this slider
    i insert this code <?php echo do_shortcode(“[metaslider id=52]”); ?>
    in the php file

    the website is

    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    Hi webmons,

    Please see my previous reply to this thread – again I can’t see the output in your homepage so the code will be in the wrong file.


    Hey…Matcha Labs.

    I had revolution slider and it worked but, Meta Slider is so much easier YET it won’t appear when I place it in my pages.

    In my top box that I’m using as a header (it’s a page placed at the top of the site instead of a static header) The shordcode appears but, no slider.

    When U hover over the empty page under the top page the Slider Arrows appear but, the slider is invisible.

    Today is April 14, 2014 (MON.)

    You can currently view my issue at

    Let me know what I’m doing wrong.

    Thank you so mcuh.

    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    Hi edzati,

    Please try using the ‘Template Include’ code from the Usage section of Meta Slider (not the shortcode).


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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