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    Figured it and got it showing.

    I’m having this same issue. I’m not seeing any javascript errors via the console. The only way it works if I set the slider to display on all pages. I need it to display on the static page only but using that setting it doesn’t display. What did you do to resolve your issue?

    I’d really like to see people actually post HOW they resolved their issues. It’s selfish to just say “issue resolved” and leave other people with the same issue in the dark

    For me, choosing the “homepage” layout option on the actual static home page resolved this issue
    Note: I’m using the Storefront Add Slider plugin in addition to this Meta Slider plugin on the Storefront theme.

    Couldn’t agree more @thejchristopher. If you can be bothered to login to say it’s fixed surely you can say how!

    Anyway, not working for me either whether homepage template selected or not.

    I fixed it by dispensing with the Storefront Add slider plugin and put the slider shortcode directly in the page.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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