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  • I am using theme thinkup slider. I was able to upload 3 slider images, but there are not automatically switching. I have to manually go to the next slide. Please help!

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  • i don´t do the slider too

    is there a user manual?

    Hi, I fix the slider:
    In the line 148 I change the original value:
    linea 148: $thinkup_homepage_sliderspeed = ‘OFF’;

    $thinkup_homepage_sliderspeed = ‘10000’;

    Enjoy, Ramiro

    Hi rbarcelo

    Unfortunely this does’nt have any effect. I changed it from “OFF” to 10000, and nothing happens (it is on line 295). Is there another place where we need to change something?

    /Kim from Denmark 🙂

    Hi rbacelo,

    thank you for your suggestion – I confirm it worked for me.

    Have a nice day,




    Concur, this works for me as well. what a strange fix… why would turning on or off a slide animation need to be done from within a file edit. This should be inherently built into the control panel… Oh yeah, the Customizer.

    What a joke: “The Customizer:” poor use of javascript and waste of perfectly good workspace. I can never see any real changes and the Customizer panel is always cut off due to browser sizing issues. A discussion fo another topic but I always have to complain about this ugly thing.

    I still think this theme needs the on off switch somewhere more accessible to the end user controls.

    The solution doesn’t work for me either. Changing ‘off’ to any number will just remove arrows on the sides of the slider.

    Any other solution for the slider animation?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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