• I only installed this package for the slider block, so that’s all this review is for, if you need the other elements, read other reviews.

    One star for the slider block. One additional star for the slider template. One additional star for the overall package’s ability to disable unneeded features to improve performance.

    Slider quirks:
    1. slider block on its own seems impossible to configure or use.
    2. the slider template (only found this by accident through videos) is how the block should work; perplexed why not and what it’s even for.
    3. elements style have opacity settings, but none are remembered: all revert to hex after configuration.
    4. element colors configurator has a “current color” badge, but this never changes, is always blank.
    5. when you press on the down arrow to expand a single slide item in the block editor, it deletes the item instead of expanding.
    6. slides can’t be clickable.
    7. can set a slide link, but it disappears and doesn’t work if we remove the button
    8. slides pause on hover, and cannot be configured not to.
    9. once user interacts with slide in any way, sliding is stopped forever, and this cannot be configured.
    10. if you set slider to 100vh, it’s also 100vh in the block editor, makes the whole block unnecessarily difficult to work with.
    11. styling in the editor is confusing and complex, much easier to control the whole slider look in CSS, but must use !important to set most things.

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  • Plugin Contributor codersantosh


    Hello @brucetm ,

    Before replying to each point I would like to make sure which Gutentor Blocks are you using for Slider. If you need a normal Slider you can try Gutentor Widgets => Image Slider Widget,
    If you are Advanced User and need Advanced Options, You can try Gutentor Module => Slider.
    I am sure all features you describe here on points can be achieved from Gutentor Module => Slider including Pause on hover and focus.

    Note: Sliders are one of the complex blocks. If you need help on the configuration you can reply here but I would recommend using the support forum.

    Best Regards!

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