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  • spiritfly


    There is something which is definitely wrong with the slider. It doesn’t display the height right for the images. If the height of one image is a bit larger than the height of the slider, the slider will display the image in full height pushing all elements down the page, which is very nasty. And if the image is too small it won’t stretch it. Instead it shows a small image and the empty space becomes white which is again not so fun to look at.

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  • Hello Stacy, widgets.php is in “/inc/widgets/” folder. You need to have access to your host.

    @laura, It made the slider disappear. After inc/widgets , I added the wrap to my child stylsheet, and tested with the parent theme as well. Removing the test code fixed it.

    Tried alingham’s. No change.

    Theme author says they will auto size if as long as they are 800 X 445 (not a solution for autobloggers and it would take up too much memory). I have one that’s 2048 × 1365 which shows larger than one that’s 800 × 403 which readjusts when it slides in, and one that’s 511 × 402 showing larger than the rest.

    Thing is pictures the other widgets are also uneven even though they are auto scaled down.

    Repeat topics

    Spiritfly, is this happening in all browsers or just one?

    I have a problem with the 4 images on the side of the slider shifting out of place in the Safari browser when the home page is reloaded and have not found solution yet. I posted for help on here but never received a response and also posted for help on their site with no response.

    It is tricky because it seems to be a browser-specific issue.

    Unforunately, Safari is a popular browser used in Macs, iPhones and iPads so it would be nice to figure out the solution. Otherwise, it’s a fairly nice theme.

    I am disappointed in the lack of interest or response even though it’s a free theme.


    I am new at using WordPress. Any idea why all images of my slideshow in Colormag are displayed vertically in the first second when we reach the front page (home), than this bug disappear almost immediately and the slideshow is ok. It reappears when you click on another page of the menu and come back to HOME. I tried to optimize picutres to 28K put it doesn’t remove the problem…


    As many of you…I am also having this issue, when someone hits my home page (, all my featured images (I rotate my 5 most recent blogs there), they ALL show up, stacked on-top of each other…it is HORRIBLE. Please address this ThemeGrill Team.

    I made a video to make sure we are all talking about a similar thing (it only shows the first image that is stacking, but trust me they all stack, until something finished loading (maybe some CSS?).

    I added this code to my custom CSS but the problem persists.

    .bx-wrapper {height:350px;overflow-y:hidden;
    .slide-content {top:210px;}

    I also changed all 5 recent posts featured image to exactly 800*445, and the problem persists.

    Thanks to anyone who has any further suggestions,

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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