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    With Customizr 3.0.14, I cannot get sliders lightbox or autoscale effects working. When I go to the Customizr demo on the theme developer’s site, they all work, so I know it is not a browser problem. Slider does not slide. When right arrow is clicked, the page just shifts down, instead of going to the next image. (

    – Images are properly sized.
    – Sliders are made per the instructions
    – running on web site configured with cpanel (the main suspect)

    But also:

    – images are not retina quality.

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  • Just to add to it, I have tried turning off all plug-ins. No luck. The demo slider also does not work, which makes me think that it may be related to cpanel.

    PS. my wp-includes directory has no write permissions (555) by design, if that means anything.

    And images have been regenerated using “regenerate thumbnails” plugin…

    Did it work with 3.0.13? Sounds like a dodgy install/update at this point.

    Did not have 3.0.13. Just switched themes.

    For some reasons, the jQuery script is redirected to this url : where it is not found.

    Are you using a performance plugin or a CDN?

    Anyway : try to disable (temporarily) all your plugins and see if it fixes the bug

    Hope this will help you

    Customizr core will have added into wp-content/themes/customizr.

    Could you try re-installing the Theme? Is it a clean WP install, or could there be any remnants from the Old Theme which may not have been removed and is conflicting?

    I agree, that shouldn’t have happened. There’s over 200,000 users so don’t think it’s customizr causing the problem.


    I believe that redirect is the problem. The http address is a mash of my directory structure. The directory structure is correct:


    But the http address should really be:


    And no, I tried with all of the plug-ins turned off. How can I repoint the jQuery?


    I can reinstall, and in fact will try…

    Reset Permalinks?


    Reinstalled the theme. Did not resolve. Reset the Permalinks by switching away and switching back. Did not resolve.


    All plugins are off.

    Checked .htaccess. Don’t see anything there. jQuery needs to be fixed, but how? Thanks…

    Additionally, I set-up a wild card redirect from:


    But that doesn’t resolve the issue either.

    Well hard to say but it looks like a server misconfiguration. You have an unwanted redirection when trying to access jQuery :

    Did you try with other themes? It should not be related to Customizr

    I did not see this issue with other themes, but it does not mean that there is not a configuration issue. I actually believe that there is.

    OK. I reinstalled WP from scratch, and all of the issues went away. I am not really sure what the issues were, but glad it is over. Thanks for your help and support.

    I am glad it finally worked.
    If you have appreciated the help please consider give the theme a review. This would be a really nice way to say thank you! (you don’t have to of course, just if you feel like it! 😉 )

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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