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  • You told me that the slider was from bxslider but I can’t get any support from them. The slider is running way too fast to read and it does not stop when you hover as most sliders do. If we can’t get an answer on how to set the transition timing to slow it down then we will need to change the theme.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @checmark

    We already asked you to contact us via our chat however, you did not. And we also mentioned about how and what you could alter via the child theme to amend those changes since editing the theme code will get wiped out on theme update. However, if you still want that change then, if you are comfortable to change that on each update then, can you edit the file: js/custom.js which has the below settings:-

    jQuery( '.bxslider' ).bxSlider( {
                pagerCustom : '.bx-pager',
                controls    : false,
                auto        : true
    } );

    to the required value of your site? You can see the BxSlider options here: to amend those codes as needed for your site. Hope you have got it.


    Sorry, I do not understand your answer. As I said before I am not a programmer and have no idea how to edit a JavaScript file.

    We have used a number of different sliders over the years, primarily using Layer Slider now on most of our sites. All sliders have settings to allow you to select the type of transitions and the timing as well as adding layers. This bxslider appears to have none of those.

    As you suggested we contacted support for the slider but they did not respond. We like your theme very much but if we cannot change the settings on the slider to slow down the transitions we either need a way to use a better slider or we will need to change our theme.

    Appreciate any help you can offer.


    Ok then, if you want to use the plugin for it displaying the static content as you need for your site then, there might be plugin available via the WordPress plugin directory. So, can you find the best which suits your site need and manage as needed?


    No. The only request is for a way to slow down the slider, as there is with every other slider on the market.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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