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  • Oh, I suppose I should have said:
    I am using the suffusion theme.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    It looks like you are using the ‘pause on mouse hover’ feature. This feature seems to have caused some odd behavior in the slider for some people. I would recommend disabling it and seeing if that helps. Let me know if it does, or doesn’t. Thanks!



    This is the issue I’m having too (flashing).

    Not yet tested in other browsers, but in Chrome if I have the page with the promo slider on, open in one tab, then go to a new tab for a while… when I return to the promo slider tab, the image will flash X amount of times.

    X is defined by how long I’ve been away.. eg, my slides are set to change every 10 seconds, so if I go away to another tab then return after 60 seconds, I will get 6 flashes.

    Hope that makes sense.

    As per your possible solution above, I wasn’t using the pause on mouse hover feature (unless it’s enabled by default, in which case it’s not working anyway)… however I tried adding this into my shortcode to see if it’d fix the issue:


    …it never seemed to fix the issue.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Sorry Tom,

    I am really not sure why that happens. I would take the time to fix it, but I am currently rewriting all the code for the slider. If the problem arises in my new code I will look into it.


    Dear Developer,

    I’m having the same problem…

    Kind regards,
    Vivek Manglani

    I think it has to do with this bug in jQuery:

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Awesome! Thanks Teus for looking into that.

    Woodent ,

    Same thing happened for me. Hope it will be resolved in newer version

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Yes. Now that we have pinpointed the problem, it should be fixed in the next release.

    Thanks so much. So in the meantime, what’s the wordaround?

    I posted a little snippet which I added to promo_slider.js over in this other thread…

    It may help. Seems to be working for me.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    So I wanted to post back and let everyone know that this jQuery bug seems to have been resolved in version 1.7, however, WordPress is currently using version 1.6.1. The solution, until I can update the plugin, is to add these lines to your active theme’s functions.php file:

    function jquery_fix(){
       if ( !is_admin() ){
          wp_register_script('jquery', (""), false, '1.7.0');
    add_action( 'init', 'jquery_fix );


    Thanks for that woodent.

    Before someone runs into the tiny hiccup I ran into trying to put this into my functions.php file, I just wanted to point out that the last line should have an additional quotation mark,

    add_action( 'init', 'jquery_fix' );




    This is perfect now. It’s the only slider I’ve been able to reliably get to work with qtranslate.



    thanks for this. that helped a bit for mine, but i still have it half showing another image first and then landing on a different image. not sure why it isn’t loading all 15 of my images either.. only the first five or so?! help!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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