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    After installing, you are greeted with a Welcome page to help you make your first Slider. There is only ‘Upload Image’ without Media Library, and clicking it does nothing.

    When you create a new slide, it instead takes you to create a new post. If I understand the 7-year old ‘tutorial’, a slideshow is actually a bunch of individual posts with Featured image! There’s no option to add images otherwise, and features that are free in the vastly outdated tutorials are locked behind a subscription paywall, which they have no problem reminding you about on every page. You can’t even change the arrow icon without Premium! The FAQ is of no help either – Q: How do I create a Slider? A: You go to New Slider

    [ Insert image of Jackie Chan WHAT? meme ]

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    Hi jolan,

    Thanks for the review. Did you reach out to support before writing this review? Sounds like a few little explanations would’ve helped to clarify these things for you.

    Each slide is indeed a post and the slide image is indeed the featured image for that post. To display the slider, you just insert the [ultimate-slider] shortcode or Display Slider block on any page. If you want to select individual slides for a slider, just assign them to a category and, via the shortcode, choose to display only that category in the slider.

    I apologize about the documentation/tutorials, much of which is older. However, for the most part, it is not outdated and what is explained therein still applies in the current version of the plugin.

    Styling elements are indeed part of the separately-available premium version, but you can still easily create unlimited slides and sliders with this free version.

    If you have any trouble getting it set up or any questions about how to use a specific feature, please let me know. In general, the plugin is pretty straightforward, so I’d be optimistic that we could quickly help you get it set up the way you would like.

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    Perhaps I will revisit it in the near future; maybe as a product slider, seeing as it maybe displays an entire post. You really should update the videos though as it comes off as abandoned. Though when other plugins offer more free options, I need to find something really useful that stands out.

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