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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’ve solved this one but posting here to save time for others. I changed some of the slider to fit it in an area of my theme so that it squashed down to a corner and then expanded as part of the ipad and mobile theme.

    All was working well until I used Windows 7 and Explorer 9. The slider initiated, then the images either seemed to collapse into each other, not load right, cause a ‘jumping’ effect and so forth. Only this browser was affected.

    The cause was using a percentage as a width for the container the slider was in. As soon as I changed this to a set px width the slider worked right again.

    So there is no problem with the slider. Just be aware that when trying to make a responsive theme and this happens that it is probably something to do with your container settings.

    Probably common sense to most reading this, but hopefully useful to others.

    Best regards,

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