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  • Hello everybody,

    after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to import my standalone websites into wordpress network using backupbuddy. Everything went quick and smooth, posts, pages, theme settings, logo… everything is perfect – except images in the slider 🙁

    You can see one of this websites over here:

    Slider show icons for broken images, and when you actually right click that broken image and click open image in new tab, you will get something like this:

    So, basically something is adding website url before an image url and that makes it broken.

    When I go to widget settings(this theme add slider images through widgets), everything looks good – correct url etc.

    Any thoughts ?


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  • Is your slider using TimThumb?

    Hi Ipstenu, thanks for your answer.

    It is possible that this have something to do with thumbs, because I see thumbs problems here also:

    How could I check if slider of this theme is using TimThumb ? shows images, they’re just scaled wrong, so that means it’s probably not your .htaccess (yay!) seems to be working now though…

    When you say it works, you mean slider, right ? Well, I fixed it temporary, but I would like to find the real cause. As something is adding full web url before img links(for sliders), I’ve just changed all urls in widgets. For example, from




    Okay, this URL is 100% correct:


    THIS URL is what you said it was before:

    So ‘where’ are you editing the image URLs? 🙂

    I’m editing URLs in theme widgets. It is RT-THEME Slider Widget. Every slider picture have it’s own widget. Before I moved to multisite, I was adding absolute URLs, now I must add relative URLs because something is adding full root URL 🙂

    You need to ask RT about this, I’m afraid 🙁 It’s something they’re doing wrong if they can’t auto-detect the upload path.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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