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  • Can anyone please give me a definitive slider image size? Like…one that definitely works and fits the proportions correctly – like, hands down?! It seems I can’t find this anywhere, and no matter what size I make my image (based on reading some of the other threads on here) it just doesn’t work for me…

    Could a staffer at WeCreate perhaps fire off a couple of sure-fire suggestions??

    Thanks for your help!

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  • My experience suggests that 270px high will work. from what i can tell, and I’m no css expert, there is a 372 max height on the slider and a 3em buffer from the top. My measurements suggest that 270px will leave a similar height buffer on the bottom of the image you have used.

    I am dealing with a different issue related to the sliders: they only work up to a max width of 1280px. if you grow your browser window wider than 1280px the image and text become centered in the slider area.

    I’ll update that I found a solution to my larger-than-1280 responsive issue, it is to change the css, in my case setting the max width to 2000px:

    @media only screen and (min-width: 1024px) and (max-width: 2000px) {

    We have intended the image to be 465px wide and 320px high. Of course, you can use other sizes and tweak the style.css for this, to accommodate them.

    Gregory: Thanks. I’ve manipulated the sizes in my “Edit CSS” on the “@media” lines and I just have to admit that I don’t get it. Maybe it’s the mathematical ratio’s I”m not understand…I just don’t get it, but I appreciate your expertise & help.

    We Create: …so I’ve reset my CSS style sheet to the default settings. I’ve uploaded an image into my first slider window that’s 465 x 320. …it look like dookie. Not the right size at all…

    What am I not understanding and/or what am I doing wrong??? I really just wish there was a definitive: “Make your image ‘___’ x ‘___’, upload it, and it’ll look/work just like our demo does…” I mean, I’m using all of the default settings, so based on your reply, why doesn’t 465 x 320 accomplish this?!?

    …I’m also experimenting with a varying degree of sizes, just to see how they react in the slider when they are in there. I’m noticing that there’s some kind of automatic re-size and/or ratio calculation built-in to this thing that does some pretty (to me) wacky stuff that I don’t understand.

    For instance: When I put the recommended size image there (465 x 320), the image took up about half of the right size of the slider and left about 2/8ths of the top of the slider empty…

    So then I tried an image that was 930 x 400 – thinking that doubling the width would fill up the entire space (or close to it, at least). It did NOT. it only barely crossed over half-way with it still being right-justified and anchored to the bottom right corner.

    So then I decided to get wild and uploaded an image 2600 x 600… That image nestled up in the UPPER right-hand corner, barely fill the height-space half-way, and barely fits the width-space half-way…

    …this makes absolutely no sense to me – other than it seems, as I said above, that there’s some kind of automation of adjusting the image sizes based on some sort of pre-set code for reconfiguring it for God knows what…. Please – anyone – thanks for helping me understand this and for suggesting a fool-proof image size to put in this featured area.

    All the display editing is done in the CSS. You will need to tweak both the slider image and also the caption (which is the content that appears in the left.

    …but where in the CSS? Section? Heading? Etc.?

    Thanks for your help.

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