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    What are the image dimensions for slider images? The images I have used are cut off etc.


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  • Hi,
    Best dimensions for slider images are width 1170px and height 500px.
    Hope this will help and thanks for using customizr!

    Thanks for this info. Would be good if this info is in the theme or in the manual.


    I have tried using the specified dimensions for the slider but my images are being cropped.
    Can you offer any advise?

    Many thanks.

    They will always be somewhat cropped at the bottom as the browser screen size changes. It’s part of being responsive.

    A better way would be if the theme allowed us to choose where to crop from: top / bottom / top and bottom. But I don’t think that the underlying carousel of the twitter bootstrap allows this.

    it would be great if the scaling and cropping could be turned off. some of my clients want very specific images on their sites, and don’t like them to scale or change.

    full width = uncheck. oops, I should have noticed that!! 🙂
    (love the theme!)

    Can I use smaller than above stated 1170px and height 500px.
    Like 960px x 320
    Thank you

    The default images are 1200×500. I spent some time getting a grid of images aligned for the slider, only to find that the bottom got cut off. I’m glad this post was here because this was my exact same question. I think that the sample images should be 1170×500 so that anyone using them as a template gets a size that will display correctly. Thanks!

    Actually, scratch that. The bottom is what’s getting cut off, so altering the width to 1170 wouldn’t help. 1200 seems OK for the size of the page, but what should the height be?

    I just verified that even after resizing to 1170×500, the bottoms of the slider images are still being cut off. Please see (the third slider with the grid) for demonstration.

    What is the correct size for the slider images?


    See my post here for why the slider gets cropped.

    Does anyone know in what files in php those sizes of the sliders written. I can probably go ahead to modify those from the php file. It is awfully huge size to occupy such a valuable real estate on a website to sue 100×500 pxls. I can probably rewrite the code and give it to all of you to modify the Slider sizes!
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you all!

    Eh…this is driving my client crazy. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see the bottom of the image and is insisting that it be redone. I keep explaining I can resize the image but the underlying graphic is still 1170×500 and will still be subject to cropping. I would much rather have an option to keep the original aspect ratio.


    I think the image is cropped if the slider is set to “Full width slider” uncheck this and the images seem to be fine.

    By this do you mean “Slider Layout : set the slider in full width”?

    It’s already set to “yes”. I changed it to “no” and nothing appears to have changed. Slider viewable at

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 60 total)
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