• Hello everyone!

    First, I apologize for my english which may be very bad 🙂

    I hope i can get some help here, here is my question: Recently I uploaded the “WEST” Theme on my website which is: and I was wondering if it could be possible to add a slider (left to the right) image on the top of the page. I would like to have 2 or 3 pictures. Don’t you think the website would be so much more dynamic and prettier with this slider? If you know how, could you please explain me how to put it ?

    Thanks you so much :DD

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  • Hi,

    Did you mean something like slider? if so, please follow the instructions below:
    1. Install and activate Crelly Slider plugin
    2. Add image to the slider
    3. Copy the shortcode of the slider
    4. Go to frontpage of the site and activate the composer editor
    5. Add “module area” to the page
    6. Add “HTML” element to module area
    7. Edit the HTML element and put the shortcode to provided text field

    Hi, I have tried crelly slider on my west theme and works fine but I would like to use it fullscreen.
    How can I edit modules area in order to have my slider fullscreen?

    Best regards and thank you for your collaboration,


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