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    Hi – sorry but I don’t know code I am only a copy and paste man. (the only reason I chose WP and Elisium they claimed to be easy to do, that may well be the case but only if you can write code obviously. I do like the theme I love the clean lines and the sliders but it is getting very deep for a rank amateur like me!!)

    You said it is easy to change slider image just FTP it. Sorry but I dont know how to do that. I located the elisium- elisium folder with the business 1 2 & 3 images but when I click on them they just show a lot of code, I haven’t got a clue how to put an image up. What are the boxes in the elisium home page options asking for: ‘set the link for slider image 1’ is this where we put the url of the image or in what format should I put them up, how and where. It seems an awfully complicated way of changing an image, what am I dong wrong?

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  • The new theme version allows you to upload the images via the MEDIA section. There you’ll have a link to the file. Place the link in the HOMEPAGE OPTIONS and it should work. No more coding or FTP uploading, if you don’t want to 😉

    Hi – still doesn’t show. When I go to media – library – I select the image then ‘edit’ to open the box up, then I have tried the URL (from the save box on the right) and the ‘get shortlink’ I have copied both into the slide 1 image link box on homepage options but the slider image does not change (should this happen immediately?)then when I go back into library the image selected shows ‘uploaded to (the home page (which I have renamed)) thank you for your kind help and patience, but what am I doing wrong? Regards – Mike

    Right – think I’ve got it!!!!!!! Just one thing though. I set the pix dimensions as you stated but it just posts a picture in the top right hand of the slider. Your default image was a beautiful full width one how do I get an image to fit the full width of the slider? regards – Mike

    Have you pasted the URL for the full image or the thumbnail?
    Please link me to the site, we’ll see what’s wrong there 😉

    I also can’t get my images to show after I copy the link in the slide 1 image link box. Unfortunately, after Mike (above) explained the problem, he got it without saying what he had been doing wrong! I still don’t have it! My website is Thanks!

    Hi Jwenndt. What I did was to go to Media – Library – then click on the image ‘edit’ button which opens the image in a new page on its own. On the right hand side there is a box titled ‘save’ inside the box is a grey box with the URL of the image. Right click on it and ‘select all’ – then ‘copy’ simply paste this URL into the slider image 1 box and bingo!!
    Also make any size adjustments to the pictures in PAINT before saving them to your media section. Good Luck! Mike

    Thank you leggyweb! It worked!!

    Well done – send me a link to your blog so I can follow it – mike

    Leggyweb, for the featured section removal in the homepage, please send your login details to contact (at) wecreatewebdesigns (dot) com. Will delete the section myself.


    I’m working on a website for my professional organizing business – not a blog. I haven’t gotten very far, but it will be at


    I got the image to show up, but it is no longer centered. It is touching the right margin. Any idea how I can have it centered between the words and the right margin?


    You can do it via the style.css (setting a padding for the image or, if it’s easier for you, make the image as a transparent .png and leave a bit of ‘blank’ in the right. This should solve it.

    You must get tired of talking to people who are html-clueless, but alas, I too am one of them! How do I set a “padding” for the image? I tried a free online conversion to make this jpeg a .png but I guess because this image goes all the way to the edge and there was only one corner that should have been transparent, it just didn’t work very well. I’d love to make the pile of clutter stand all on its own (w/o a square background), but don’t know how to achieve this.


    Sorry for not being clear.

    Please go to APPEARANCE: EDITOR: style.css (it’s the file that opens directly on the page). Please look for

    .orbit-container .orbit-slides-container img
    You’ll need to edit here:
    margin: 3em 0 0 0;

    The second value (the first 0) is for the RIGHT margin. You will see the code appears in various locations, you can edit the margin for different screen sizes. For a wide monitor (I have a 1600 pixels wide), I have made the change under the style that suits my display:
    @media only screen and (min-width: 1281px) and (max-width: 1720px)

    Few lines under you’ll notice you have
    .orbit-container .orbit-slides-container img

    In my case I have tweaked it so it’s

    .orbit-container .orbit-slides-container img {
    margin: 3em 2em 0 0;
    max-width: 600px;

    the 2em will now ‘pad’ my image and make it sit a little farther from the right end of the slider. This is where you’ll have to ‘play’ with the code. Hope it helps 😉

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