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    Just testing this plugin. Have used Elementor before. Can add Slider widget, but (stupidest question ever) how do you add slides? When I go to Content there are no results found. Cannot see any options on Dashboard to add slides. Put me out of my misery. I currently have Hypermarket theme installed. Thank you.

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  • Hi Saliw, just saw your comment on “how to create a slide”….I also was at the same point…HOW? No explanation in the plugin and all Chinese support website!!!!

    Via a little intuitive thinking I found where to create slides..YES it works by using Elementor Templates!

    1. WP/Dashboard/Elementor/Create a new Template
    2. Select “section” as the template design.
    3. Name it, for example “Slider-01” and hit create
    4. Now add an Image to the section and style it as to how you’d like it to view on your website. Finish & save it.
    5. Open (in Elementor) your website page that you wish to have the slider on.
    6. Create a new Section & from the Elementor Elements – load into that section “Elementor Slider Hero”.
    7. Now under the “Content” when you select the box, “Slider-01” will be available to load.
    8. Use the “Slider Options” tab to style the slideshow.
    9. for the addition of more slides into your slideshow….you need to first make the Templates. For example – “Slider-02, Slider-03, etc.

    PS: remember that the initial Elementor Section you load to your web-page must be styled to effect how your internal SLideshow will appear, such as “boxed” or “full-width”.

    Hope this helps you and others with this simple plugin.

    Cheers Dennis

    Another TIP for styling your Slide as I’m assuming most users will want to place text over an image.

    Best Tutorial is:

    Cheers Dennis

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’ve always used Elementor in a page and hadn’t really looked at the Dashboard option. Still, couldn’t have guessed that this was the way to create slides. Works perfectly. Thank you again.


    In my case, my slider template which is full width and stretched, doesn’t stretch 🙂 No idea whym but it keeps floating to the left.

    I managed ok on a demo page

    If you want me to share any settings, I’d be happy to. It was a while ago, so I cannot remember anything specific I did off the top of my head.

    (I’m wondering whether it was that stretch shouldn’t be set – I seem to recall there was an oddity about it now).

    Let me know.

    I’m working on a local install (Bitnami) and that worked for a day or so and then it didn’t. I created a new Bitnami install with everything installed fresh (plugins and themes) and that didn’t work either. Then I tried it on an online website and there it worked. Seems there is something missing in the Bitnami version of WordPress (???)

    Nevertheless I did have a problem with stretch. If I set my template section to stretch and full width and then also did the same for the section in the page where I added the slide templates, I got a blank slide when I viewed the slider. If I set the template to full width but not stretch, but set both full width and stretch on the section of the page I was adding them to, it worked fine.

    Just to be sure, I just re-tested it and it’s still the case, even though there have been updates to Elementor and WordPress in the interim.

    Don’t know if it was an oddity for my install only.

    Hope you find a reason why the Bitnami version is different.

    @appleisle you are gold! Thank you so much!

    Hi Vladut, cheers mate, glad the info helped and really appreciate you taking the time to say thanks!!:)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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