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  • could use some help with nivo slider effect shortcode. i had it working using the following and suddenly it stopped. now the images start in the top right corner and then expand in. not sure if something else may be affecting this or why it just stopped working properly? have not installed any plugins, so it’s not a conflict.

    [ngg-nivoslider gallery id=4  effect="slideInLeft" directionnav="false" controlnav="false" pausetime="5000"]
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  • now the images start in the top right corner and then expand in

    This part of your shortcode is responsible for that effect: effect=”slideInLeft”
    Try adding another a different effect. For example: effect=”random”

    I have. If I change it to fade, that works but I want it to slide in left. That’s the problem, that the effect=”slideInLeft” stopped working the way it should.

    …actually just tried, boxRain, random and slideInRight. Fade is the only effect that seems to be working.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Anything revealing coming through to the browser’s console log when the effects aren’t working?
    Conflict of a plugin?

    Try adding this: data-transition="slideInLeft"

    Something from the plugin’s docs:

    The latest version of jQuery (v1.9) breaks older versions of the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin (v3.1 and below). We have not released an update to the Nivo Slider WordPress plugin yet to include the latest version of the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin.

    This means that if your WordPress theme overrides & includes the latest version of the jQuery (bad practice) it will break the Nivo Slider WordPress plugin. We recommend you get your theme to use the version of jQuery that comes packaged with WordPress. This way the Nivo Slider WordPress plugin will continue to work until we get an update out.

    Nope. No errors in the console. Only plugin I have is nextgen gallery which is required by the nivo slider plugin. It’s just odd that it stopped working while I was trying to figure out the whole image size debacle the two of you were helping with.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    It is strange that the issue has only recently occurred in your site, could you try switching themes and isolating the issue to jsFiddle to see whether it is specific to your theme/ WordPress?

    not sure i can switch themes since the slider is part of a custom front-page.php file.

    trying to look into the jQuery that Media X suggested.

    So, as far as I can tell I’m using v1.8.3 of jQuery. So that shouldn’t be causing the problem.

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    Which plugin is it? I know there are many that provide nivosliders.

    Using NextGEN gallery and NextGen Nivoslider

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    Are you sure you can have, “id=4” in the shortcode? I cannot see an example of that on the plugin’s description.
    I reckon you should post a thread in your plugin’s support forum.

    Actually not too sure about that. I changed it to html_id=”home-page” but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll try posting on the plugin support.

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