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    I tried including a customized slider. I see a lot of gap above and below the image and I need to customize the same. I would like the title of the page and some content visible when i load a page. Currently – because of the size of slider image (height=120 px) with a lot of padding – I am unable to view the title of the page at all and i am not liking it. Help!

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  • What should the size of the slider image be?

    approx 200*80 px…

    Now i am getting the following layout:
    Slider Image
    Web page Title
    Web page content
    Due to the additional spaces – The title is not visible in chrome or ie ….
    I am a novice in css – hence need guidance to fit the content in such a way that the banner and the tile of page is seen so that user would scroll down to read content of page (ref this Site)

    as of now, the slider height is fixed, depending on the screen resolution : 500px for a normal computer screen, 385px for a tablet, …

    It might be an interesting additional feature tough, to be able to set the slider height. I will definitely think about it as an improvement for the next version of the theme.

    Hola amigos, hace dos dias estoy tratando de crear la carpeta de slider (deslizador) no puedo cambiar las imagenes , porque no puedo crear la carpeta ┬┐como lo realizo, me gustaria su ayuda

    @leonardolujan : I am sorry but I don’t speak spanish. Can you try to write your message in english?

    I am working on my very first wordpress site and I am using the customizr theme.
    My question is this, and I appologize if this is a stupid question, I was wondering if there was a specific size recomendation for the width and heigth of the slider images? I put the images at your recomendation from another thread at 1170 x 500 but my trouble comes when it try to make full size. It seems to cut the bottom and top off the images. I was just wondering if there was a size that would work and not cut it off?

    Hi Nikeo,

    The slider is way too big for the website I’m creating for a client. I read above that the dimensions are fixed. If I go into the code, will I screw up the mobile view?

    Many thanks,

    Hi Diana,
    Mobile views are defined by the @media queries in the css stylesheet.
    If you have some CSS knowledges, you will have no difficulties to modify the design of the theme!

    Nikeo, did you see joshuarocks question? The template seems to have a more serious issue with high resolution monitors. On my monitor @ 1920 x 1080, a 500 pixel tall image will be automatically cropped on a full screen browser. Changing the CSS height value from 500 to 800 creates problems on lower resolution screens. Could you provide a fix, or some direction on how to fix?

    Also, I was wondering if there is a simple way to make the slider backgrounds themselves linkable, rather than a button inserted by the theme.

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    how can i make fade in /fadeout in front page slider

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