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    I have the same problem as this thread:

    As suggested in the other thread, I increased the z-index and added position for each level of my drop down menu (since z-index only works on positioned elements), but it’s still covered up by the Slider.

    I can’t link to my site because it’s a sandboxed site on a local server while I’m still developing however here is what I have in my CSS file:

    #nav { position:relative;z-index:9999;}
    .advps-slide-container {position:relative;z-index:2 !important;}

    Since that didn’t work, I added the ‘position:relative;z-index:9999;’ to each sub-element of the menu, still no luck. The slider div comes just after the nav div in the HTML for the template file. I’ve also made sure that any floats in the #nav div are cleared (I tried using :after as well as a <div class=”clear float”></div>).

    Any other thoughts?

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  • Nevermind – I found what was causing my problem…..I started with the (terrific) HTML5 Reset Theme development foundation, which has the #nav overflow set to hidden – this didn’t cause any problems before adding the Slider, but when I removed that the menu now shows.

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