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    First off, I really like your theme. It is clean and professional with many customizations, which is the reason I chose it. Thank you!

    I am having a little trouble with the slider though. I have experimented with viewing my site using several browsers and devices to see how others might experience my site. It is fine in Safari and fine on iPad/iPhone. The only combination that I am having issue with is viewing my homepage on my Windows computers in Internet Explorer 10 (v.10.0.9200.16576) in compatibility view. When compatibility view is turned off, the slider appears fine with no problems. When compatibility view is turned on, however, the text no longer centers in the slider image; the slider arrows are chopped off in the lower half; and the slider images are smaller than they should be. Is there a fix for this? I don’t make a habit of viewing in compatibility mode, but some viewers of my site might and the slider is likely the very first thing that they will see. I would greatly appreciate a look at it.

    My website is:

    Thanks again!

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  • Hi,
    I just looked at your issue with the compatibility view. This should not be a problem for your most of your users.
    More about compatibility view :


    Thanks for the information and taking a look at the page. That helps a lot. I thought IE’s compatibility view was locked on and that if they turned on while viewing another site, that it would still be on while viewing my site. Then, they would incorrectly be viewing my site. According to this article, you have to select compatibility view for each site when you first view it. That means that the number of people viewing my site in compatibility view is truly at a minimum, so it is not an issue. Thanks for clearing that up for me and for sharing the article. As always, you are on top of it! Thanks again for sharing this wonderful theme with us!


    Hey Zac,

    I just looked up your website and it is gorgeous!! I am just wondering how you saperate the text description box from the slider? On my website, the description is on the top of the slider and it is kind of cover some part of the picture and I would like to move it to above or under. Thank you 🙂

    Hi Hilary,

    Thank you for the nice comments. I used to have the theme’s slider in place, but I ran into the same problem. Not that there was anything wrong with the slider, but my site being a photo editing website, having text over my work kind of defeats the purpose. So, I instead chose to disable the slider feature and place a gallery slideshow at the beginning of my content for the homepage. You can use WordPress’s default gallery slideshow or use a plugin. I am using Image Gallery Reloaded. You may also want to disable the featured pages from the theme because those are part of the header and will show up above the content (and consequently, the slideshow). You may chose to keep them, but I thought that they looked odd above my page title (business name) and slideshow. Hope that helps.

    Hi, Nicolas

    I just recently used customizr. I would say that it has a cutting edge design. But there seems to be something wrong when i used it as my
    theme. It could either be compatibility issues with the latest version of wordpress or I just can’t find the right thing configure customizr to together with my wordpress editor. You see I’m not a programmer who can drill down to css & javascript files. So I really just depend on the menu and panel integration of themes to wordpress dashboard.

    my site is

    I can’t see full menu of the Creating a slider (attachment screen) and in Adding a slider to a page or a post (post/page screen) in my editor nor in the customizr panel.

    In “Creating a slider (attachment screen)” the menu only showed-up until “Add to a slider(create if one is needed) “ plus the image of “Yes or No”.

    In “Adding a slider to a page or a post (post/page screen)”. Only up to the image of “Yes or No” shown up in my edit screen. The remaining menu is missing.

    can anyone help me?

    I hope this problem could be address. thanks

    One more thing, Nikeo, How could I make the feature images of the posts left aligned. It would be more elegant and neat looking if all of the featured images on the post will appear on the left side. Creating an organized symmetry. Like a magazine type setting.

    I want you to know that’s really a great piece of art theme designed.


    Hi xarzy, I just saw your review and I really appreciate that!
    About your the slider creation process, can you create a new topic if you did not fixed your issue yet?

    About the featured images alignment, that could be an additional option to choose alternate or left/right side.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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