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  • Ok, so after reset it should work to put this in the slider text?
    [:fi]Finnish text[:en]English translation

    Would it be easier to switch to Polylang?

    Now when I put the text in the caption, I get this:

    I reseted the plugin but the slider translation did not work, so I deactivated the plugin and started to read about installing Polylang.
    I´m going through these steps:

    In the wp-confic.php I should put something like this:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_BR’);

    Should I put the finnish languagecode or the english?

    and another thing, I can´t use Poedit with my mac..

    You should set it to the main language you’re using. I presume you also read the guide here. If it’s an international company with international clients, I’d set it to English. If Finnish co, with mainly Finnish audience, set to Finnish.

    Poedit works fine with a mac. Download it here: Which version of OS X do you have? If it’s old, you’ll need the link at the bottom of that page. The things you would be translating are the phrases like “Post navigation” / “Page not found” / “back to top” etc. If you cannot translate everything, you can simply translate only the phrases you need.

    You have a few threads going at the moment, on Polylang and qTranslate. I would suggest that you settle on one or the other. (If you site has only a few pages and you don’t have to reconfigure tens of blog posts, then I would suggest switching to Polylang, but that’s a personal opinion.) Once you’ve decided which, then we can help you, but it’s a bit difficult solving parallel problems and not knowing which problem we’re solving. I don’t mean to sound negative; hopefully this will make it easier for you too 🙂

    I´m sorry for the confusion! I have been switching between Polylang and mqTranslate. I´m using mqTranslate at the moment because it works fine except for the slider, and would prefer not to have to change plugin again.

    Yes, I read the guide but haven´t followed through all those steps, but thanks to you I can do it now 🙂 My OS X version is 10.6.8 so it actually worked with the older version of Poedit. Thank you for your help!

    How do I translate my own texts in poedit? I only want to translate four sentences from finnish to english

    I´m sorry for my possibly stupid questions, but I just don´t get what I should translate. I don´t want to translate everything..

    Already said in another topic, translating customizr .po will not translate your caption. So if you don’t wanna translate everything, which is reasonable :), don’t do it.
    I’m sorry mqtranslate doesn’t work for you, it didn’t worked also for other users, to me it worked (though I had to reset it in advanced settings to make it properly work) and also for other users. :/
    You can still use polylang, as I said, eventual messages you can see, which are not errors but notices or warnings, will “disappear” once you set WP_DEBUG to false in wp-config.php

    So if I translate the whole default.po file, will it then translate my caption? Because if it does, I might do it, but what if it doesn´t work?
    How can this be so bloody difficult..

    No, the .po file will only translate regular site-type stuff like “category archive”, “page navigation”, “back to top” etc. It is not for content in your pages/posts/slides etc.

    For the slider captions., it depends on which language plugin you are finally using. Your caption is translated:

    1. For qTranslate: with the shortcodes [:en]English text[:fr]French text
    2. For mqTranslate: with the shortcodes [:en]English text[:fr]French tex
    3. For Polylang (using the Polylang-Customizr bridge): by creating a slider for each language and telling Polylang (in the strings translation panel) which slider to use for each language

    I switched to Polylang and it works like a charm now!! And it only took about an hour, compared to the time I spent struggling with mqtranslate..

    Well anyways, thank you all for your great help!! Especially d4z_c0nf, you have helped me a lot! 🙂

    Cheers to ya all!

    Polylang works good because it’s a good plug-in and works good with customizr because ElectricFeet made a great work in order to make it compatible with this theme. So you’re welcome but many thanks to ElectricFeet 😀

    Glad you finally solved!!! 😀

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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