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    All HTML is stripped from the description on the catalogue page. Basic HTML should render from the description on the product page. That being said, we can make no guarantee that specific code would work in the product catalogue description.

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    then i cant put a revolution slider inside the description´s category but i need this on my catalogue for the marketing departament.
    Im trying to make diferent page whit this shortcode for all the categories
    Page for the category 6
    [layerslider id=”6″]
    [product-catalogue id=’2′ category id=’6′]

    Page for the category 5
    [layerslider id=”5″]
    [product-catalogue id=’2′ category id=’5′]

    But don´t work fine, it dont show me the subcategorys like the original catalogue
    What can i do? Perhaps i need to modify PHP Code?

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    Hi inkadiz,

    I noticed there was an error in the code you posted, specifically the “id” after the word “category”.

    Can you try replacing your current page shortcodes with this instead:

    Page for the category 6

    [layerslider id="6"]
    [product-catalogue id="2" category="6"]

    Page for the category 5

    [layerslider id="5"]
    [product-catalogue id="2" category="5"]
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    Hi Etoile,
    when i put
    [product-catalogue id=”2″ category=”4″]
    dont work fine, only show me the full catalogue but when i write
    [product-catalogue id=”2″ category id=”4″]
    seems to working right but no products is showed, only a message
    “No products found”

    I dont know what happen, perhaps the category id is not right inside the database?
    (im sure that in my catalogue the category=4)
    I look this video


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    As shown in the video, category_id is used for the insert-products shortcode. You’re using the product-catalogue shortcode, and so the attribute is category not category_id.

    Do you have a category with an ID of 4? And do you have products in that category? And have you made sure to include at least one of those products in your catalogue that has an ID of 2?

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