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  • Hi,

    Okay, I just love this theme!

    I’ve been working all weekend to get this right
    and I do think this is the one for my new website.
    Testing it right now, found some quirks and solved them on the spot, this sure is an easy theme to work with.

    The Slider Banner Section…
    I can’t get it to do what I want it to do, I know the pro version probably have more option to tweak it.. but I don’t know what is different from this version.
    So I’m not sure it will be in there.

    (Where is the comparison from the free ‘light’ version to the full pro version
    I can’t find it. So what’s in the pro version the light version hasn’t?)

    But I know what I want.
    I want the Slider Banner Section to behave like the NewsUp Slider Banner Section.
    so it that possible to get a slider just like the NewsUp theme Slider Banner Section?

    Also the Documentation isn’t clear on how to do things.

    Thank you for this great Theme.


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hey guys,

    So what’s up?
    4 months and still no answer?

    The question isn’t that difficult to answer is it?

    I still like the theme and might even go pro,
    if I have the answers i’m looking for and the support I need..


    Hey Amy,

    Agreed, there is a real lack of documentation to understand the difference between free and paid. This is all I could find….Scroll down the bottom of this page for the list of the differences between free and Pro:

    Your posts on here have been super helpful by the way!

    Amy R.

    Thread Starter Safeunderdark


    Hey Amy,

    Yes, I’ve seen that as well but still things are not clear.
    I honestly gave this Theme a try but unfortunately have decided to abandon it.

    There is no answer on any of my question, besides users replying like you, thank you btw.

    So there is no support by the looks of it, shame it’s a nice and useful theme if you get the quirks out that is..

    but not something I’ll spend my money on seeing the lack of support or answers on questions asked.
    Are my question so weird or am I? not sure as I’ve seen other unanswered questions.

    But anyways, thank you for telling me my post do matter and are useful.
    that made my day, I still have my test site up and running, so I might give it another whirl, just to support others not getting their questions answered.
    I might find things out maybe even get the banner section I want where I want it, who knows.. -lol-

    Lots of love,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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