• I’m building the EN version of http://www.rikkosteel.ro/ro/ but i can’t tell how should i proceed regarding the homepage and the slider since the modifications are made in the Appearenace / Customise panel and it’s not a static page but the latest blog posts in the Reading panel.

    The theme is Appointment.

    Any help or older threads in which this subject was discussed will be greatly appreciated.

    The polylang plugin looks awesome by the way until now. And if i’ll pass succesfully by the homepage / slider issue it will be a 5/5 stars.


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  • Hey, may I ask you, how did you solve this case?
    I need to translate homepage slider (which looks close to yours) with Polylang. – http://www.yourtherapy.ru/
    I translated all the homepage titles by registering a new strings. But slider, where the pictures with titles and description are changing…still can’t understand how i can do this?
    If you have some advice or just can share your experience, i’ll appreciate this!

    Hello ,

    Did you solve this?

    Please adivse as I have the same problem

    It will be greatly appreciated

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    I look it up in the weekend and i’ll see if i can come up with an answer by then.

    No, i didn’t ((
    If you could advise smth – it would be great!

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    So … i made two categories (one for each language) and then added the appropiate posts to thouse categories – slider and slider-en for english. And then in the theme customization you pick the main slider (for the main language). Hope this helps.

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