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  • Hey there,

    just another problem that i just caught. At 1200×800 the slider is perfect, when scaling down to say iPhone resolution everything is perfect but when i test it on 1080p resolution the image gets really cut off so you just see the top part of it. i tried everything to get rid of it. using a 1920×500 image works for the big resolution but not for the smaller, there will be white spaces on top and bottom .. i hope there is a solution to this. I would edit the php if someone has a idea but for now the only option would be to crop the images more at the bottom … i dont know why the slider is so designed that it scales from the bigger to smaller images automatically .. there you can hava a look what i mean


    quick fix what i did is to set the slider height something more than 500 .. helps with the bigger resolutions but the smaller now worse

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  • The problem with responsive sliders and full-sized images is: what do you do with the excess image or blank spaces? (That’s a rhetorical question BTW; I know lots of answers!)

    You could have an image that always keeps its aspect ratio on all screens. If the slider doesn’t get cropped in any way, then when you look at the site on a massively wide screen, the slider gets taller and taller and can take up more than the whole vertical space–I have a very wide and not very tall screen and it just gets silly if you allow the whole vertical space to show. Additionally, people are very unlikely to sit and watch the slider finish before scrolling down, so your slider will have been wasted. Alternatively, you crop it a little and people get upset.

    Another approach on large screens is to keep the slider in the middle of the screen and have white edges left and right. This allows the slider to take up less vertical space. But it looks awful, especially when you’re sliding (not fading), because the space you’re “sending the slide to” is empty, so the subconscious effects–that your screen is simply a window onto a bigger space–are entirely lost and it simply looks artificial.

    I think Nikeo took a pragmatic middle-way in the slider responsiveness, but it will never suit everyone. I would like to see an option to at least centre the image vertically, or to define your own vertical centre point. But I won’t hold my breath. I’ve tried building a slider myself in CSS–from the basic bootstrap up–and it’s very difficult. Change one parameter and it knocks another one out very easily.

    @nikeo, you might want to add this to the FAQ in the slider section:
    <li><a href="">understand why my slider gets cropped?</a></li>

    Theme Author Nicolas


    @ef brilliant analysis (like often BTW)! and yes i’ll add this thread to the FAQ

    man thats sad but i know what you mean, i would too like to align it vertically when it gets cropped so the middle of the picture still shows because i have there pictures i took and it looks awful when it gets cropped .. yeah giving it a fixed witdth will go the prob away but it doesnt look that nice .. thank you !


    i have it like this now : min-height is 800px so it looks perfekt on 1080p but theres massive space under it, can’t it be possble to load the images in the big resolution ond scaling it from there down ? i think it will crop then the other way around, right ? .. man, i just custimized it to my liking and this is the only thin that really bugs me !

    Just looked at my sliders at 1080 (1920px). One of my slides shows a ceiling. Not exactly nice to look at 🙁

    One for the wishlist….

    oh man 😀 … i just took a compromise : deactivated the full witdh and gave the carousel-inner a box-shadow .. looks okay but not so great as fullscreen

    You could put a @media query around it so it only shows at >1920px.

    Correction: >1919px.

    p.s. could you paste the code you used, so others can use it too?

    sorry of course :

    .carousel-inner {
    box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 1px #000000;

    or use rgba .. so you can edit the opacity in the last digit

    .carousel-inner {
    box-shadow: 0px 2px 9px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)

    quite dont understand the use of @media query .. just read something even in my native language and i dont get the use of it …

    If you want something to appear only at resolutions greater or equal to 1920, then wrap an @media query around it like this:

    @media (min-width: 1920px) {
      .carousel-inner {
      box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 1px #000000;

    Put this in your style.css (or Custom CSS) and it will only “fire” when the user’s viewport is that big.

    And this is a really good tool to use to play around with it.

    aaaand you saved my day ! just got rid of this problem

    with that code :

    .carousel .item {
       overflow: hidden;
    .carousel-inner {
    @media (min-width: 1024px){
    .carousel-inner {
    box-shadow: 0px 2px 7px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)

    So….on this slider issue on Customizr. Instructions say 1170 x 500 and it is cropped top and bottom, probably OK width. So experiment at 1867 x 800. No change, same crops.

    I am eager for solution – do you have it? I guess the Theme Customizr for me is simply less than 500.


    @wadekeller: Please stop posting on multiple threads on the same issue.



    n3v3rm1nd, your centred slideshow downscales impeccably but your code doesn’t seem to do anything for my full-width carousel (using 1200x500ppi images). Did you abandon full-width?

    I would like to superimpose a logo on each of my images, ideally close to the bottom right edge. But the darned thing gets cropped to one degree or another at almost any size of viewer.

    Did you experiment with different image resolutions, eg 144dpi rather than 72dpi?

    I haven’t played with your larger images (1200×800, 1920×500) because I’m concerned about the load overhead and don’t want a long pause before the slideshow kicks in. Maybe I could try the larger images and cut down the number of different slides (currently 6).

    I can’t go your centred carousel route because I’m under orders to go full-width.

    Would it be possible to call three (or four) different sizes of slideshow, each using appropriately sized images, when transitioning down to successively smaller windows? Even if it were, I guess there would be a penalty to pay as new images are loaded at each transition…

    Sorry for rambling. Brand new to all this.

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