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  • Resolved superbeej



    I love this theme it is great but i seem to have a problem with the theme slider.

    It is aligned to the right when i use the image dimensions that are recommended and the text is too. How would i fix this please?

    I have changed the code in firebug which fixed the alignment, but i can’t find where to do this in the back end


    style=”width: 100%; float: left; margin-right: -100%; position: relative; display: none;”


    style=”width: 100%; float: left; margin-right: 100%; position: relative; display: none;”

    any help would be appreciated

    thank you


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  • Edde Poon


    Good day superbeej,

    Fairly simple way to tackle it since you are not using a child theme.
    Just go to appearance>customize>custom css and add {
    margin-right: 100%;

    Hope this help and keep the music flowing.

    Hi Edde

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, i don’t seem to have the option of custom css but i do have edit css ( i was looking for custom css as i have used this with a different theme )

    I have added the code but it doesn’t appear to have done anything.

    The word element is in red, i feel like i am missing something obvious 🙁

    Edde Poon


    So sorry about that. At this late at night I did not realize I was telling you to edit a It’s actually not part of your stylesheet.

    Now with that said I cant seem to find anything wrong with your css. I installed the theme and my margin-right in is also -100% but it is centered.

    Have you edit anything else with css that would make the slider move?

    Theme Author Template Express


    hi guys, yes the -100% actually comes from the slider js file. It looks like something has been changed in the css


    the only thing that i have changed is the colour of the box around the jetpack widget for facebook in the footer.

    I will try a few more attempts to get this to work and let you know. Thank you for trying to help 🙂

    If i have one featured image / post, it is central, but when i add the second one, that is when the right alignment happens.

    i have tried a few different images. and the same happens.

    just to clarify, i have a post category called featured with the slug label as featured. the image i have used are 2000×500 and are all compressed for web.


    any ideas?

    Theme Author Template Express


    hello, if nothing has been changed in your styles I am not sure what the problem can be. Have you tried disabling your plugins to see if there is a conflict?


    Yes i have tried disabling all plugins one at a time and it has made no difference.

    Really gutted it’s not working 🙁

    Is there anywhere in the backend that i can change the -100 value so that it is 100 as this works when i change it in firebug 🙂

    Thanks again

    I am having this problem too 🙁

    My site is:

    I have tried disabling all plugins to no success. I have also tried editing the js file and remove “marginRight:”-100%” which got the slider to align in the centre but messed up the slider transitioning. Instead of sliding left to right, it would slide up and down creating two banners and extened the height of the page. Editing the js file also messed up the slider for mobile and tablet viewing.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

    I am having this problem too.

    And the custom header I installed for the additional pages is also doing the same thing.

    Theme Author Template Express


    Hello, this is normally caused by your logo being too big for the header. The recommended logo height is 78px. If your logo needs to be bigger you can add this to the style.css flie:

    #masthead-wrap {
    min-height: 100px;

    That was it! Thank you.

    Theme Author Template Express


    great – good luck with your website 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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