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  • Hi,
    If you need lower slider height you can add to style.css next code

    #slider-wrapper .flexslider {
        height: 300px; (or any value you want, but lower than 450px)
        overflow: hidden;

    If you need bigger height – only way is change slider-thumnail size in functions.php, it’s will be not good solution if you don’t have much experience with WP

    Note, if you will be make any changes don’t forget use child themes for it. You can find great tutorial here

    Ok I have done the css part and have managed to shrink it down. Now the image stays the same i have tried changing the slider thumbnail size in the functions but it doesn’t seem to work…. it looks to me as the slider just enlarges the image and can’t seem to find the setting to modify this. i have also tried uploading different sizes too but no luck

    the flexslider “div” has reduced in height like I want to, but now the image “container” still is set to the size before which is 1170px

    If you change thumbnail size, already existing images will not be resized. You may use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to crop image thumbnails with new size

    Ok i think i need so more explanation, so i have reduced the slider to 1170 x 550 (width x height) however my images still maintain the same size of 1170 x 1130 something like that, but still too big… i have played with the regenerate thumbnail plugin, media settings, functions.php and still no luck on achieving my images to a desired size of 1170 x 550 (width x height). Can you provide a step by step or further details on how to accomplish this. it is greatly appreciated, btw awesome theme very nice and modern. Here is my website SITE

    I’m not sure, but seems like your uploaded images was to small and that’s why not resized to slider thumbnail size. For correct resize you need to upload image larger than slider thumbnail dimensions

    I have tried uploading different sizes of 532 x 425 ; 399 x 319: are these not the correct dimensions for uploading, it seems like duena just enlarges it automatically which i don’t get why even if I change the settings.

    Your slider thumbnail size setted to 1170*550px, so images will be cropped to this size only if they are larger than this dimensions, if images smaller, they will be inserted in real size (532*425, 399*319 etc.), than this image will be stretched with CSS to 1170px by width and height in that case will be calculated automaticly, so it will be much larger than 550px

    makes much more sense thank you for the great support. keep up the good work on duena

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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