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  • I am trying to do a series of pages where on each page I will show a slide show.

    Each page is about a person. For each person I have between 3 and 10 photos of that person. When you go to their page I want the photos to run as a slideshow.

    I might typically do a javascript slideshow … but I cannot put javascript in the head, correct?

    All of the plug-ins I am finding are designed to work with a particular photo program I think.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • You an put anyting you want in the head of your theme. Take a look at the header.php file within your theme subdirectory.

    So are you suggesting that in fact I do a slideshow js in the head? Wouldn’t some type of a server side solution be more consistent and reliable?

    This may be an odd approach, but one option could be to use Zoho Show to build the presentations (think web-based Power Point) and then use the “embed” feature of it to create the player for each person’s page.

    Thanks Handy, had a look at that. I also had a look at this:
    and that could be run I suppose with the php plugin. However it takes everything in a directory into the slideshow.

    The Zoho might be a little more than I was hoping for. I just want two or three pictures in a post that rotate as you are looking at it. Javascript could make quick work out of it of course … but I hate to add jscript to “all” of the pages by including it in the header when I only need it on a handful of pages.

    I am finding some other good stuff too:


    Still not quite what I am looking for. I want to upload three photos with a post, then have those three photos show one after the other in an endless loop.

    It appears to me that when I use the WP Upload function it knows what post I was on when I uploaded (hence the difference between browse and browse all, right?). Is javascript or flash a must or can I do it with css?

    This is probably an application for Javascript. Can’t you include the code in the body rather than the head? Anyway, even if it needs to be in the head, you can add an if statement to header.php that checks if the current page is one that contains a slideshow, and only includes the Javascript if that’s the case.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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