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  • Hi there, i am getting everything right up to the point that my images loaded as a slide show, are displaying like the rest of my portfolio pages and not an actual slideshow. I am attempting to create a slideshow homepage. Just so the visitor can view a few images before going further into the site. Site and direct link to slide show:

    Also something i noticed is that when i open a new tab in my browser and add the url the images come up as specified height of 200px. Then i refresh the page and it changes to the height im using for the rest of my images?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  • Still no help from forum nor Theme developer ??? Please could someone be so kind as to give any advice.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Dean,

    To view a slideshow you need to add the shortcode of that particular slideshow to a page. The shortcode looks something like this: “[slideshow_deploy id='0']“.

    Best regards,

    Thanks Stefan, as i mentioned in my first post, “i am getting everything right up to the point that my images loaded as a slide show, are displaying like the rest of my portfolio pages and not an actual slideshow” i maybe wasn’t clear enough with my explanation.

    I have done everything by the book, as in i followed all instructions including adding the short code. This is why the slideshow does appear on my home page but it does not display as a slideshow. It appears i the form of my normal pages galleries.

    I have created the gallery in the plugin options and then gone to my home page and added the gallery from there which is where it requires the shortcode. I paste it or add via the add gallery option button. And my result is as you can see on my home page currently.

    Many thanks for your response. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    I’m sorry, I see the slideshow is on the page indeed. However, it has a height of 0 pixels. This is why it doesn’t show up. You should change the height setting of the slideshow to a number that’s higher than 0 to be able to see the slideshow.

    I have changed that now. I was under the impression that 0 meant the image would remain whatever the height when uploaded. Nonetheless, i have changed the default to 720px and still no difference?

    I should mention that if i add the slideshow as a widget in the sidebar then it works. This is why i thought that it maybe has some issue with the website page layout, as if there is a restriction or something?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Setting the value to 720 should work indeed. Although currently there seems to be a script on the page that crashes the website.

    Also, the theme you’re using registers a second version of the jQuery script. This is often a source of many errors.

    Oh my word this is far more effort than its its supposed to be. I dont know enough about JQuery etc to be changing things. Thanks so much for your help. I think im just going to leave it. I cant afford to wait another week to get this site up and running. Hopefully my sites theme developer will get back to me soon.

    Thanks again Stefan.

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