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    Problem. The site had a picture slide show before

    (i mean its still there but i cant see it,

    i think its behind there somewhere). The

    slide show is to the right of the Center for

    Healthcare Professions Logo.

    Thanks… by the way…the problem happened

    when i updated wordpress.

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  • Hi darthjedi,

    I checked the site, using three different browsers. It checked out fine in all three [IE, Firefox and chrome.]
    Could it be that your browser needs updating?


    i changed something in my Schedule of Training (the the date with subjects marquee) and then the slideshow disappears…

    …im not an IT guy…so i experimented on the codes…and one time the “Schedule of Training” had a Parse Error and the slide show was ok…

    …thanks for your help :))

    …please check the site again…thank you

    Hi darthjedi,

    Whatever you just did, it messed things up!
    The homepage lost the slider. The sidebar doesn’t show pictures anymore…
    I hope / trust you made backups of the files you just changed?
    Put them bak and see where you are.

    …i have no back up… :((

    …is there something wrong with the codes im using?

    Hi darthjedi,
    Sorry, I cannot see what you did / changed.
    If you cannot ‘reconstruct’ things, contact your webhost and ask if they made a very recent backup they can restore.(24hrs before the start of your problems?)

    Before making any further changes, make sure you make a backup of the site and the database!! Then start making back-ups before you make any changes, even small changes! A syntax-error, small typing errors or a bug in a plug-in can mess up the site. This is an important tool of communication of your organisation, so take precautios whenever you can. This savs time when things go wrong.

    To make back-ups:

    • use FTP to backup the files of the site
    • use WP-tools and plugns to backup the database that contains the content of the site
    • Then when making small changes:

    • make a copy of the file your changing. This way you can restore things if the result is not what you expected
    • make changes in a childtheme, not the original theme. Should the author of your original theme update the theme, your changes will not be overwritten. Your site with your adaptations will remail intact.
      (see: )Suggestion: use the ‘one click childtheme plugin’.
    • 3. Use FTP to access the files of your site and it’s childtheme.
    • Use NOTEPAD++ [freeware] or proper EDITOR [not wordprosessor] to edit css and php.
    • Make the changes in the CHILDtheme!
      – copy php files / css-file(s) of the original theme [as required] to the childtheme directory and edit them as required.

    …i only change the schedule of training part…

    …i didnt change anything on the slideshow…

    …thanks for your help by the way… :))

    …the changes happend when i update wordpress…
    …i still have the copy of the original codes after the update…
    …if i restore the original codes for marquee/vticker both the slide show and the marquee/vticker will malfunction…

    …i’ll check with the webhost… :))

    Good luck!

    …engk…no back up…

    Hi darthjedi,

    No back-up… Too bad!
    Let’s see if we can fix things regardless. [no promisses though]

    NOTE Start by making a back-up to your PC!

    1. FTP: Make a backup of the files of your site, using FTP ‘Filezilla’ [free] or your own FTP-program.
      (see: )
    2. Make a backup of the CONTENT of the site
    3. dashboard > tools > export > all content > download exportfile
    4. If required: confirm installation of export tool and run the export

    You now have a fallback position, should things go wrong!

    NOTE!!! Make these backups every time BEFORE you make changes!
    Repairing problems becomes much easier!!

    For future reference:
    Restoring a backup goes ‘the other way around:
    Make sure you have the most recent OK version of a backup.

    1. Restoring files: FTP one / more / all files from the backup to the site, overwriting the files on the site.
    2. check the results! If all problems are solved… Done!
    3. hhas some content vanished…? Or do you need to go a ‘step back’?
    4. Dashboard > Tools > Import > wordpress > choose the exportfile from your computer, and ‘upload file and import

    NOTE!! The database = CONTENT – goes BACK to the previous state. Changes made since the backup was made, you will have to re-enter. So regular backups – daily / weekly – are advised!!

    == == ==
    Make sure you’ve done all above!!
    Now the precautions are done, let’s see if we can fix things.
    == == ==
    You mentioned some of these problems started following an update.
    So let’s check out if we can find the culprit.

    A. Deactivate all plugins
    Plugins and updates don’t always go together very well.

    1. Dashboard > Plugins
    2. Temporarily deactivate all plugins. This will affect the look and feel, for now. Don’t worry.
    3. check the result; If your problem disappeared, we are on the right track
    4. One by one re-activate the plugins; Check the result after each change!!!; Should the problem re-appear, we know which plugin causes the problem
    5. keep the ‘offending’ plugin deactivated and keep on testing the rest of the plugins. There may be more than one problem.

    Good luck

    check out:

    All this should NOT stop you from enjoying and using WP!
    If ‘all the technical stuff’ you feel is ‘way over your head’, and you would rather focus on the content, your readers etc. GREAT!

    Get someone who LOVES the ‘nuts and bolts’ to help you set things up.
    It might cost you a few bucks, but will allow you to do what YOU are best at…

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