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  • The order is always “0” for all slides. When you drag and drop one of the sides, they all number themselves correctly, but it never has any affect. The slides are always just ordered the way they were uploaded. I don’t think this has ever worked.

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  • It looks like it autosubmits after you move them around. Works on the sites I have running.

    Do you know if the order is stored in an XML file? FTP issues could be the reason order isn’t working on one of my sites, but another site I have has no FTP issues.

    Order should be stored in a table (like I mentioned in another thread), along with the URL of the slide image to the typical upload folder of wp-content/uploads/[YYYY]/[MM] instead of wp-content/uploads/random-folder-the-dev-keeps-moving-around-which-breaks-everything-when-you-update.

    I’ve been thinking of re-writing this plugin myself for a while now.

    It looks like there is a problem in the nivoslider4wp-panel.php file that keeps it from updating if your Site Address is different from your WordPress Address in the General Settings of WordPress.

    In the nivoslider4wp-panel.php file, on line 326, change bloginfo(‘url’) to bloginfo(‘wpurl’).
    The slide order now works for me after making that change.

    Thanks for the tip RussRuss. And archonic if you do fork this plugin and fix these errors we would worship you as a god. This plugin would be fantastic if it weren’t for these problems.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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