• As I support a multi-family apartment building website, I use a lot of 360VR imagery. I’ve tried a bunch of different viewer options, and just discovered this slick little plugin.

    It solves most of the problems with other viewers. In particular it gives you a lot of control over the initial viewpoint and allowable field of view (though you have to scrounge around to figure it out: the documentation could be a LOT better). If the documentation were better I would give it 5 stars.

    In particular, pay attention to the Changelog. Many of the attributes are documented only there… e.g. you find out there is a “long” attribute (short for longitude) only if you scan the changelog and find it in release 3.2. This allows you to set the initial view angle (1-360 degrees) within the shortcode for a specific image. Turns out there are also min_long and max_long attributes, which don’t even show up in the changelog. The min_ and max_ prefixes are used for some other attributes: I tried them for “long”, and they worked. These let you restrict the field of view between the two settings. In general, pretty much anything you can set globally in the plugin settings, you can also override in the shortcode using attributes (if you can figure out the syntax).

    Once you figure it out, it’s the best 360VR viewer plugin I’ve found.

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