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    Im running a 2.8.4 WP blog and I need all the slavic and latin characters to show up properly, such as è ò à ù ì ç č š etc (for instance, I need Italian and Slovenian languages to work).

    I installed with standard UTF-8, but clearly that is not enough for what I need because “č” is not showing (i get ? instead).

    What to do now? Convert? Collate?
    What is the correct charset?
    ISO-8859-2 ?
    ISO-8859-15 ?
    ISO-8859-16 ?

    I hope someone can help, thank you! 🙂

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    Little more info about the issue:

    WP is set to UTF-8, no Collate.
    PHPMyAdmin is set on MySQL: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) and collation: utf8_unicode_ci
    WP tables, (from phpmyadmin), say Collate latin1_swedish_ci.
    Whe I look in the DB that I exported, it says at the end of each table DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1.

    So where is exactly the problem?
    UTF8 in wordpress should be ok to show those letters correctly, but I think the tables charset is wrong, maybe latin2? different collate?

    Please help! 🙁

    If anyone wonders, I manually changed all the tables in the database (manually) to utf8_unicode_ci collation.
    Previously they had latin1_swedish_ci collation, which was causing some characters not to display properly.
    And that was it.

    I need this to work with Croatian characters too including Đ and Ć, some installs work others give ?’s all my sites are set at WP is set to UTF-8 and wordpress 3.0. Where might one find tables in the database?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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