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  • I use the custom fields to add country flags to my posts so my readers know if the post is for them or not. After upgrading to 2.6 the other day, I noticed that now WordPress is adding a slash in front of any quotation mark. I can go back and edit the slashes out and they don’t come back, but still, I find it kind of weird. Anybody else having their custom fields acting up?

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  • I had this problem with apostrophes. I don’t know about quotation marks.

    Are you using a Custom Field plugin? I was using a GUI plugin and that’s what caused this problem. When I turned the plugin off and entered the custom field info myself, those slashes went away.

    Hmm, weird. I’ve got apostrophies in the image alt tags and those are left alone. It’s only the quotation marks that get the extra slashes for me.

    And no, I don’t have any custom field plugins running.

    Mine is doing the same thing.

    With apostrophes or quotation marks?

    I am also having this problem, with random slashes \ being inserted

    a quick workaround is to just copy the text you are adding… add the post meta… and then paste over the existing text and click update.

    I am having the same problem. I enter href tags in one of my custom fields and the link don’t work with the extra slashes. This has got to be a bug. Has anyone entered a bug report?

    An example would be this is what I put in

    and this is what I get when I save the custom field the first time.

    I can edit them out and re-save, but this is extremely annoying.

    dang it rendered the links. It should would be nice to be able to preview posts before we submit them.

    hopefully it will work correctly this time.

    <a href="">JusTechn</a>

    <a href=\"\">JusTechn</a>

    I found a bug report for this Ticket #7346. Now hopefully it will get fixed soon.

    I’ve got the same problem. Very annoying. It happens in every custom field, every time I created a new one, for any post.

    From the looks of it, that ticket # isn’t being fixed in 2.6.1

    Just an update: I’ve realized now that whenever I add a custom field, it “kills” my Save and Publish buttons. They simply refuse to work. I have to go back to my dashboard, open up my draft, reload the post, and then continue editing it and/or publish it. Highly annoying!

    Could anyone help me.

    Kindly view my blog

    I made my first post.Subsequently when i made my second ost he first one moved to the right.Can anyone find a solution for the same and explain me step by step.


    @atultanna: it doesn’t look like your problem has to do with slashes in the extra comment field, so you might want to start a new thread. However, I looked at your site and I think it’s simply the theme you’re using. You’ll need to edit the theme to change it.

    Hi, I also have a problem with custom fields, I can’t edit the posts where I use them !

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