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  • I want to create a community portal with articles on the front page in categories, with a forum as well. I’m assuming that WordPress is the best solution for creating the content on the front page (portal) and I can integrate phpbb for the forum portion.

    However, ideally, I want the portal to behave like Slashdot in a variety of ways. I’m curious if WordPress can do this with extensions, or if I’d have to write extensions for some of the functionality.

    1 – Slashdot has categories. WordPress has tags. Can I get the WordPress tag system to behave like Slashdot categories, where a user can customize which type of articles they want to appear? For instance, on Slashdot, each user can say they want to see Linux articles, while hiding Apple articles.

    2 – Slashdot categories also operate as subdomains. So if I go to then I’d see the Games feed specifically. Can I do this?

    3 – Slashdot has democratic moderation. There are full-time moderators, but they don’t seem to do much. Individual users mod comments up or down, so the best comments are the most visible. Even better, they assign an epithet for each moderation. So a post can be moderated as being Insightful, Informative, Funny, Troll, etc. I love the democratic moderation system. Honestly, this is the feature I am most interested in, and if it doesn’t exist, I’m hoping someone might be interested in helping develop an extension for it.


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