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  • With nothing better to do with my time (…) I built me a brand new theme and I’m always curious as what others think of it, so please do tell!

    And do point out mistakes I’ve made!

    (Also, I’ve just emptied my whole db (as you can see by the number of posts at the moment) and decided to a) start blogging in english (instead of swedish) and 2) steer the contents more onto computers, wed design and so on.)

    (to the moderators: might be dubbelposted, I’m not sure what happened with the first one…)

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  • I love it! I’ve fiddled around with the titles plugin and might use it in a future theme, you have inspired me!

    All in all, it looks great, lively but so clean it sparkles! Good job.

    Aw! Now you made me blush! 😀

    I love this.

    your listening to widget sits off my page causing a scroll bar at the bottom of my page. Also the widget doesn’t obied by the rules set by your columns and overlaps the lines.

    @hebbylaya Thank you! 😀

    @fish248 Ah, that’s not good. What browser and screen resolution do you use?

    UPDATE: I’ve made some changes and hopefully it doesn’t behave that way anymore? =)

    What about an h1 tag for titles?
    H2 tags for posts?
    Might be helpful to follow some basic SEO rules to get better index.

    @ milo317 : A valid point, I haven’t been concerned with SEO (which I’m rather poor at) designing this blog since it’s mostly a “personal playground”… lol

    I’ve put <h1 style="display:none"><?php the_title() ?></h1> below my TTF titles, will that affect my indexing?

    Better to use image replacement tech, this search might help you….but only if you do care about SEO and good indexing.

    Nice plugin, but very bad implementation in terms of SEO, you don’t have even one anchor tag on your site for serps…



    @milo317: I actually followed your advice (!) and found this: 😀

    I like the feel of the site. It is quirky and light. I also like that this discussion led to the SEO information which I am finding helpful.

    Still haven’t figured out what serps is all about but I’m sure I’ll find that somewhere in all the information 8=)

    Good luck with your site, I’ll be checking in on you once in a while.

    @wildwillyiii: Thank you! And if you figure out what a serp is, will you tell me…? *lol*



    The website layout is great. 🙂 There’s a small glitch though. If you view “Similar Posts” there’s an extra –> after the post.

    Besides that, I like it! Love all the little comments around the headers. 🙂

    @phpprincess: Should have been taken care of now! =) Thanks for the heads up!


    So far 3 definitions found (only 1 seems relevant to the context)

    Search Engine Results Page

    Supplemental Employee Retirement Pension Plan (not sure why only 1 P at the end)

    An open source framework for manipulating Java bytecdoe.

    Which one I think is relevant is left as an exercise for the reader.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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