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  • Hi folks,

    this plugin is excellent. But nevertheless I’ve got some trouble with the indicated skype status, because it says that I’m online – all the time. Even if I’m offline the status continues showing “Online” (see here).

    Moreover, I have 2 accoounts at skype. Yesterday I added the 2nd account to the widget, too. And this one works fine.

    NB: Both accounts allow online web status, enabled in the privacy menu of skype. If I disable it for my “problem-account”, the status changes to “Unknown”

    This is my status, when I am totally offline from all services:

    0secs > IM Online v4.4: Debug Enabled
    0secs > Updating Status.
    0secs > 5 statuses to update
    0secs > Attempting server #0
    0secs > URL:
    0secs > Using (Modified) cURL for request...
    0secs > Redirect: Array
    0secs > Result: online
    0secs > cURL closed.
    0secs > Valid result: online
    0secs > End.

    I’d appreciate if anyone has helpful suggestions! Thanks in advance, bcnblogger.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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