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  • Ok, I seem to be really confusing myself on how to go about a)Having Pamela(Pamcasting) automatically upload the XML file and mp3 to my GoDaddy FTP Site.
    b)Once uploaded to the FTP site do I still need to create an individual post on my website wherein I can locate the uploaded mp3 file.
    c)How to make an individual RSS feed for just these podcasts.

    Why this is tricky, or at least tricky to me, we use another service BlogTalk Radio Player and I have already successfully RSS’d our podcasts to iTunes with no troubles. We’re trying to get away from the monthly fee of using BlogTalk as a host and want to upload our own Podcasts to our website and give each podcast it’s own dedicated feed. But I’m overwhelming myself.

    Pamela has an option to “Pamcast” you modify these settings in the General Tab: Podcast Name – Podcast Hosts – Podcast Base URL.

    Then on the remote FTP Storage tab you enter in: Remote URL File Folder – Remote Media File Folder – Then the necessary FTP parameters.

    Right now I can get the XML file and mp3 to upload to a set directory on my FTP server. But I’ve no clue how to get it from there into an actual post or RSS Feed.

    Sorry if this sounds confusing as my mind is literally racing trying to understand how to get 1+1 to = 2.

    Here is the “guide” from Pamela but it doesn’t really explain how to make it work on WordPress.

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