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  • I have been developing a fork of WP over the past few months for a number of reasons but mainly to improve it to something that I wanted ‘out of the box’ it’s been a valuable learning experience and I have been a regular visitor to these pages and the trac.

    However it appears some people have decided that I am trying to ‘rip off’ WP and have not given any credit to the fact this is not my work but simply a dreirative.

    In an effort to defend myself I posted the following reponse:

    Sorry but I was waiting for this type of response, where am I trying to rip off WP? I have made it clear that WP is derived/forked remixed etc from WordPress and have given credit both on my site and within the code, I also contribute to the WP site/docs etc.

    This is what GPL allows for if I have got it right as in ‘freedom’ I have also provided all the source code I have not in any way attempted to say I have created this from skratch. I have simply used it to create something thats a little different from the original.

    The code is GPL which means I can do this without any problems I am not trying to ‘pass off’ this as my own work, have any of you actually looked at the site of SF pages? “

    Can members on here let me know if the general feeling is that I am trying to pass off WP as my own because if that the case then I urgently want to put it right, I have been a big fan of WP for a number of years and dont want to create any bad feeling howver if people feel I have overstepped the boundaries of the GPL and the spirit of free sotware please let me know.

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    I think youre pretty clear on the site as to what it is..In fact, I clicked the link above and ended up on your site without reading your entire post above. Consequently, I assumed you were coming down against the project as something bad.

    I was JUST getting ready to come and defend it starting with this:

    “SkratchPad is an Open Source project forked from WordPress with roots and development going back to 2001.”

    I counted at least 4 other paragraphs on the site where you mention wp in a flattering way or link back to here. Certainly, youre not trying to pass anything off as solely your own doing.

    And besides, there are other similar projects.

    1. There was certainly no response here. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of posting this in the forums (mods, can we move it to Misc?).

    2. This is not the first, nor will it be the last, WordPress fork. We all know WordPress began as a fork of another application, right?

    3. I tire of the community dust ups.

    @kafkaesqui I agree maybe this was not the most appropriate place to post and it will not certainly be the last WP fork

    Comments like “Hmmmph!
    Lawsuit? They *clearly* use WP code… and don’t cite it anywhere, though WP allows that for personal use, this is a derivitive work, and required to give credit, right?”

    Make me wonder if I HAD done something wrong so was looking for a little bit of community feedback

    lol I commented over there (twice, by accident) and I think it’s a joke how people will create a blog to rant and rave but have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

    and sorry Kafkaesqui, but i see nothing wrong with him posting this here. afterall, it’s about “his” wordpress.

    afterall, it’s about “his” wordpress.

    Really? And did he leave a link to his blog? Hmm…

    Let’s not get punctilious. :)

    publicity stir! 😀

    over nothin’, it looks like


    Publicity stir???

    Certainly not by me, I could have done lots of other things to generate publicity

    wow… what cynics around here… i’m shocked.
    haven’t seen this type of ‘tude before.

    oh well. good luck with your skratchpad issues, apidevlab…

    This is a support forum for not a community forum for wordpress. Though I can understand your desire for community input, this is not the place, especially considering your product is a fork, and therefore won’t be supported here, rather a forum you set up for your version.
    My suggestion would be the hackers list, where the discussion, I’m assuming, would be better served.

    @miklb Understood but as stated

    “i’m shocked haven’t seen this type of ‘tude before.”

    I would never have used this forum to support my ‘product’

    plus I was only reponding to public critism displayed via the so would argue this was a reasonable place to clarify the issue.

    Point made though & understood.

    Wish I hadn’t bloody bothered the crap it’s thrown at me lol

    I’m sealing this thread. If another mod has a belief something good can come from more discussion, by all means, re-open it.
    And for the record, the post DID NOT disparage your project. Comments on THAT BLOG may have, but nothing “official” from WP, or a derivative there of. (Not to mention, it appears that in those comments, those quick to judge have already apologized.)

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