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    With the “Skip regenerating existing correctly sized thumbnails” checkbox checked, images are always regenerated – verified by checking the timestamps of the files. The reason for this seems to be that WP core strips the “sizes” image metadata just before the intermediate_image_sizes_advanced filter is applied, which is where the plugin calls the filter_image_sizes_to_only_missing_thumbnails function and expects this info to be available.

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    The bug seems to have been created by this core commit.

    “Initial save of the new metadata. At this point the file was uploaded and moved to the uploads directory but the image sub-sizes haven’t been created yet and the sizes array is empty.”

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    I’ve just run this (v 3.14) on 12,000+ images on our dev site

    I selected both Skip regenerating existing correctly sized thumbnails and Delete thumbnail files for old unregistered sizes

    all of my thumbnails got wiped including wordpress defaults. It should have just removed unused sizes and generated any new ones

    maybe because my add_image_size and remove_image_size are in add_action('after_setup_theme'.... rather than init ?

    but I’m thinking it’s not that because it still should have generated wordpress defaults (150×150, 300×300 etc)

    obviously with this many images to process, having it go wrong is painful!


    (v3.15 isn’t regenerating trying on single images either… I wonder if there’s a permission issue on the server, or an issue with how the sizes are setup on this theme)

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    Please delete your reply and start your own thread.

    sorry Marc. there doesn’t seem to be an option to do so or would.

    however I can confirm your finding that it is related to `


    I was using this filter and it broke the above. I agree that $sizes is seemingly getting returned empty

    @marcguay I am experiencing the same issue. The site is regenerating the images regardless of having already been regenerated and then the plugin hangs at the 35% range (7k+ images) and when I start it over, it starts back at the beginning with the same images and never really progresses.

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    Hi there, @sweetpweb,

    Could you please start your own thread?

    Also, let us know if any of he the suggestions @codemonkeynorth shared in this thread helped you in any capacity.
    Thank you!

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    My initial bug report is being tracked on GitHub here

    @erania-pinnera – I don’t see any solutions suggested by @codemonkeynorth – Just more details about the bug. I am confused as to why you want a new thread for the exact same problem that hasn’t been addressed in this thread?

    There is a running topic on the Github listed by @marcguay, but there are no solutions posted. It is also mentioned that “it’s not a bad thing to regenerate all images” but it is for our site with over 30k images, as the site inevitably hangs around 30 – 40% of the way through so the last 60% of the images aren’t addressed. Please advise if you still want me to start a new topic, but it seems it would just bog down the support threads with the same info as provided here.


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    Hi there, all,

    We spoke with our developers and at the moment we don’t have any workarounds for you to try out – sorry about that.

    As for this actual issue, @sweetpweb:

    when I start it over, it starts back at the beginning with the same images and never really progresses.

    Our developers are not sure why it is hanging — we’d probably need to look at your logs – PHP errors and browser console for starters. The Query Monitor plugin should help you with it: open your browser console when you regenerate, and you might see clues for why it is stalling at 35%.

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    jumping in here to say that I have already a change under review that will fix the “skip regenerating” option.

    I expect to be able to release this sometime next week.

    @sweetpweb, regarding your problem I think this could help too since the second time you run the regeneration the first part would not be re-run. Hopefully that will eventually lead to you being able to complete the regeneration for all your images.

    Thank you all for raising this 🙂

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    Version 3.1.6 has just been released including a fix for this.

    The same change also fixes an issue that removed all thumbnails when selecting the option “remove unused thumbnail sizes”.

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    Working for me, thank you!



    Thank you for the updates and trying to address the issues. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working for my installation. I have updated to the latest version (3.1.6). But I can see that when I try to start regeneration, it continues to regenerate those images that have already been completed numerous times (see “DEMO” images in screenshot):

    These items have been regenerated, including multiple attempts after the most recent update:


    Thanks for the help.

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    @sweetpweb What method are you using to determine whether or not the images were actually recreated? The plugin will list the images in your first screenshot regardless of whether or not it actually recreated them. Look at the timestamps on the files to verify.

    Thanks @marcguay,

    I suppose I am just basing it off of the report that says “Regenerated 13(Demo)” etc. because that doesn’t indicated that the image has been skipped and I never make it past 30% as it goes over the same images over and over again. I could be wrong and they are being skipped, but the plugin always hangs and cant seem to make it past 25 – 30% with the same images referenced again and again. Thanks.

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