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    I’ve been using Imsanity for a long time. The full size image only needs to be 2k and it does a great job at it. One of my favorite plugins hands down!

    I’ve recently been looking at adding an optimization plugin, starting with That plugin doesn’t downsize the full version, so Imsanity is still needed. But I was wondering, Imsanity also applies WordPress’ jpg compression to the full image, and then reSmush does its round of in-depth compression. Is there a way to skip Imsanity’s compression?

    I do a lot of image editing and when saving with jpgs always have to select a quality, and iirc that always degrades the image slightly, so I don’t expect there to be a way.

    On the other hand, do you think the “double” compression is noticeably degrading the image? Or it is such a small step down that you’d recommend to not be bothered by this tiny downside and just use both plugins?

    I saw you are also involved with EWWW so I thought you may have some thoughts on this.


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    Hi, that’s an interesting question. First, there is no way to skip Imsanity’s compression, because it isn’t doing the compression. As you expected, the nature of the JPG format means that there will always be compression applied when you modify a JPG, in this case by resizing it.
    That is because JPG is a lossy format at it’s core. For example, you could set the quality to 100 (don’t, that’s a bad idea), and re-save a JPG image 10 times, and it would degrade the image even though you would never notice it. The reason I say “don’t” is because the file size would increase dramatically at quality 100, likely by 5-10x:

    So then, is this double-compressing hurting anything? Maybe not, but is pretty much the last image optimization plugin I would recommend. It certainly isn’t doing anything “in depth”. It simply re-samples the image using jpegoptim, at quality 92 (or whatever quality you choose). Nearly every other image optimization plugin uses a smarter compression module to make sure you don’t lose too much image quality. The only two plugins I currently recommend are my own EWWW IO and Imagify.

    That said, what would I do in your shoes? I’d backup my images, and then let lose on a dozen or so images, and see what you think. If it’s working okay for you, then go with that. Otherwise, try something better (EWWW IO allows you to get free credits with the anonymous usage tracking, and I believe Imagify has some sort of free/trial plan also).

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