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  • I have made nine skins for my website, and I’ve been looking around for a decent blog to use. A few days ago I had tried installing WordPress and thought of taking each skin and turning them into themes, and I did successfully create a skin (a personal triumph because whenever I’ve used WP in the past on countless former websites, I’d never made my own themes)

    Anywhoo, what had gotten me stuck was my plan for the sidebar. What I’d wanted to do is use the sidebar for my site menu, and after that I would list various skins, and the visitor could click the name of the skin to change the site to that one so they could view it in whichever one they wanted.

    What my question is, in WordPress, is this physically possible, or just a failed dream?

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  • Go look for theme switcher plugin.

    The magnificent news is the theme switcher plugin but now I have a new problem. It’s my site’s main files (like links.php for example) How do I code the main files so they can work with my themes?

    Does your links.php just create a list of links? If it does then you can just set up your links under blogroll

    the links.php isn’t a wp-related file. It’s just a your regular average everyday “link” page people put on their websites. Its just textlinks to websites that I enjoy visiting (although it’s probably 99% of the sites on my IE favourites. I was just using that page as an example of site content pages.

    Oh I think I see what you mean. Put your files you want to use into your theme folder then create a page and select your php file as the template. You will probably have to edit the code of that page so you are left with just the content you want viewed.

    Also you will need to let wp know that its a template by putting the name at the top of the file.

    <?php /* Template Name: My Favorite Links */ ?>

    for example.

    lets see if I understand right, I copy each of the site files (there’s not very many) for each of my themes (again not too many, I went with nine themes) and just fix the coding with the theme on the site file so that it looks like it with with normal html-like coding where the content *like the links or whatever that specific page is about* would be in the blog/content section of the theme coding. Then just make sure in the sidebar where I have my menu and my themes list I need to make sure the files url is correct for the folder in my ftp where it is located.

    Is that all correct, or did I misunderstand something?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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