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  • Having some problems with my thumbnails being skewed, not quite sure how to fix it as I am working from a company website I don’t want to fiddle too much around as its an outside designer who created the template.

    Any quick fixes?


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  • Maybe a quick fix, need a website address to look at it though.

    Oops sorry here it is

    just the bottom three images linking to the blog

    The images used in those blocks are not resized properly. For example, the middle images with the two girls is actually this image which is 670px × 911px and scaled to 236px × 150px.

    Basically you’ve taken an image that is normally taller than it is wide, and made it wider than it is tall.

    I’m not great with images and I don’t know how those have been added (manually or some sort of post thumbnail) but it’ll need to be cropped and resized to fit the dimensions in that block.

    If there is an image size for it in functions, you could use ajax rebuild thumbnails plugin to create the image size needed.

    So should I just crop it to a square to make it look right?
    or is the only other option just making it smaller and having a gap?
    thanks so much

    Depends how the image was added and if there is an image size for it. How are those blocks created? Do they show up automatically when you create a new post?

    If they do, there’s probably an image size for them, then you could use

    Sometimes when switching to a new theme, the image sizes needed for areas liek this haven’t been created, and will only be created for newly uploaded images. This plugin will scan your media and make images sizes needed for the theme (if the image size is there)

    Yes they show up automatically when we post, they go off the news picture or featured picture, depending on where we upload.

    Thank you so much for your help

    Hey im having an issue uploading this plugin, ive checked around a couple video tutorials but I dont have a plugins tab …

    Im so sorry haha Im so bad at this

    I am using WordPress 3.4.2

    If you don’t have a plugins tab in your admin section, you either don’t have permissions to use it, or your designer has disabled the link.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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