• I was sketched out by the scanner at first. It came referred to me by a gentleman on a website trying to help a user with an issue with a file in his wp-includes directory. This was the same issue I had so at this point I figured I would give it a go and see what happens as Wordfence Premium wasn’t even able to take care of my issues.

    I figured meh, worst case scenario if this doesn’t work I end up paying over $100.00USD to have my page looked after from the dudes at Wordfence.

    I installed. Threw down the $29.00 Donation to get myself all of the mentioned features, updated the definitions and away she went. Took a while to go through the database but it found the issue and isolated my problem.

    Here I am an hour later smiling knowing that my site is running problem free and at fixed for under $30.00.

    Can’t thank ELI enough for the time and efforts put into this Plugin.

    Do yourself a favor and Donate. It’s worth it!

    10/10 will recommend to friends that end up in the same situation I found myself in this evening.

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