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  • I’ve e-mailed dr. dave on this one, but knowing how busy he is, I may not have a response for a bit…

    I’ve installed SK2 on my WP 1.5.2 blog to great success. At times, spammers are getting “stuck” on some of my entries and generating over 200 spam comments (often in the space of an hour). SK2 has caught all of them with ease.

    The only problem I really have is that SK2 has disabled comment notification e-mails. I do not need moderation e-mails for individual comments, but I do miss having all new (approved) comments being e-mailed to me. Having this feature allows me to more effectively manage comments, and keeps me from having to log into my WP bashboard as often.

    Any suggestions on how to re-enable comment notification e-mails?

    Also, does anyone know if SK2 is affecting the subscribe to comments function?

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