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    I know this has been probably beat into the ground but it is hard to search through all of the results sometimes when you have a very specific question.

    I have a background image that is loaded onto my WordPress theme that I am using and you can see it just fine. The issue is that it is very large and unless you stretch your browser out a lot it will not show you the whole picture.

    I would like to have it so that no matter the size of the browser someone is using, to have the background image that is on the site to automatically size.

    Any and all help appreciated! Also if you need to know anything more I am happy to provide. Actually this is the site in question:

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    You probably can’t find answers because it’s not a WordPress issue.
    Try using the CSS style background-size: 100%; on your element that has the background image.

    CSS-specific issues ought to be asked on CSS-specific forums like



    @andrew Nevins

    Here is an article to get you started though… It’s a good one and read through the whole thing since it gives different solutions based on your audience.

    Perfect Full Page Background Image

    Yea I will go check that out right now. I was able to get it by putting the background image on the next line instead of the same one with the image info in it. Dunno why I thought I would do that but oh well I got it!

    Thanks for the amazingly quick responses!



    No problem… please mark this as resolved so everyone knows you’re good to go. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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